Why choose us?

Our company’s engineers have a lot of experience in the security sector and the high demands and peculiarities that arise in an installation.
This, combined with their expertise in state-of-the-art security systems, makes them able to provide you with a comprehensive proposal for shielding your property.

Where we differ:

Save time and money.
It is often the case that the presence of different installers is required for the implementation of a project or for solving a technical problem, and the cost of several maintenance contracts and works is high.
Our company, undertaking all kinds of installations and maintenance of security systems, ensures that only one crew will be responsible for all your security systems.


Security is a form of risk management used to protect us against the risk of potential financial losses and human life.

Why you should install?

  • Protection of your property, your house and your business
  • Protection and monitoring of your staff
  • Prevention and deterrence of unlawful acts
  • Image Capture for evidence
  • Protection against liability claims
  • Remote Monitoring of areas via PC, tablet or smartphone

Security systems

  • Closed-circuit television
  • Alarm
  • Fire detection
  • Access Control
  • Automatic Bars
  • Turnstile
  • Time Attendance of Staff
  • Control Devices for Guards (Patrol)
  • Kiosks

Loudspeaker systemX-RAY and metal gates

Study of safety systems

Each security system is designed and implemented in accordance with the user’s needs.
What is essential, however, is for each system to have adequate technical characteristics, so as to allow for future upgrades.
For this reason, a very important factor in the design of any system is to carry out a proper study, as well as a proper implementation methodology.

The study includes

  • Defining the safety rules to be observed for the correct use of the system
  • Identification of users and their roles
  • The description of their rights in the system
  • The proper use of the systems
  • The cases of violation
  • Violation countermeasures
  • The creation of a comprehensive security scheme that includes an emergency plan and recovery in the event of a disaster and a plan for managing and addressing risks.
  • The security circles and the installation of systems that have future expansions
  • The reliability of materials
  • The installer’s certification
  • The systematic maintenance of the system

Implementation methodology

Phase 1: Documenting current situation
Phase 2: Risk Analysis
Phase 3: Safety Policy
Phase 4: Defining security measures
Phase 5: Contingency plan