Business scope

H.C.S. as a modern company in the Greek market, is in a position to provide the following:

  • Monitoring and / or maintenance of movable and / or immovable property and facilities.
  • Protection of natural persons, people escorts on vehicles, static guarding and patrolling, with special modern equipment and properly trained guards who are chosen scientifically with the help of a special psychologist.
  • Safe transportation with specially adapted, armoured vehicles, of money, securities, antiques, works of art and valuables.
  • Protection of shows, exhibitions, conferences, competitions, sports and other activities of public or private nature.
  • Escorts for the safe movement of vehicles carrying heavy or bulky items, with special labelled vehicles.
  • Escorts of sports delegations, ensuring their safe transportation.
  • Conducting studies and implementation of measures to ensure the safety of the above mentioned activities.
  • Installation, maintenance and monitoring of machinery’s function, and security and alarm systems.
  • Installation, operation and utilisation of centres for reception and control of security systems, control and transmission of alarm signals, as well as conducting studies and designing security systems, fire systems etc.
  • Provision of geolocation services.
  • Technical Department services with qualified staff.
  • Special Division services “HCS MARITIME DIVISION” for the maritime sector.
  • Education and Training Services on issues such as planning, organization and provision of lifelong learning services.
  • Provision of Safety Technician and Occupational Physician services.

Static Guarding Services

With properly trained guards who are chosen scientifically with the help of a special psychologist for space surveillance.
All security staff are trained in the early prevention of dangerous situations, but also in their direct management.

Guarding Services with a patrolling car or motorcycles

These mobile units monitor specific points in the respective surroundings near thetarget, timely identifying any indication of a possible threat, which is either in its preparation or in its final stage.