Our approach to our security staff as professionals in the security sector.

In HCS we place a lot of emphasis on the correct choice of security staff, and we innovatively implement a rigorous scientific process for the initial selection of our staff, with the help of specialists, in order to select the best candidates who should have the necessary qualifications and skills to meet the needs of each work that is assigned to them.

Business scope

H.C.S. as a modern company in the Greek market, is in a position to provide the following:

  • Monitoring and / or maintenance of movable and / or immovable property and facilities.
  • Protection of natural persons, people escorts on vehicles, static guarding and patrolling, with special modern equipment and properly trained guards who are chosen scientifically with the help of a special psychologist.
  • Safe transportation with specially adapted, armoured vehicles, of money, securities, antiques, works of art and valuables.
  • Protection of shows, exhibitions, conferences, competitions, sports and other activities of public or private nature.
  • Escorts for the safe movement of vehicles carrying heavy or bulky items, with special labelled vehicles.
  • Escorts of sports delegations, ensuring their safe transportation.
  • Conducting studies and implementation of measures to ensure the safety of theabove mentioned activities.
  • Installation, maintenance and monitoring of machinery’s function, and security and alarm systems.
  • Installation, operation and utilisation of centres for reception and control of security systems, control and transmission of alarm signals, as well as conducting studies and designing security systems, fire systems etc.
  • Provision of geolocation services.
  • Technical Department services with qualified staff.
  • Special Division services “HCS MARITIME DIVISION” for the maritime sector.
  • Education and Training Services on issues such as planning, organization and provision of lifelong learning services.
  • Provision of Safety Technician and Occupational Physician services.