Hellenic Center of Security S.A.

is a Société Anonyme (S.A) of Greek interests, the headquarters of which are located in the Municipality of Neo Iraklio, Attica on the Iraklion 398A & Chrysanthemon Avenue,  in a newly-built and luxurious three-storey building, occupying two of floors, (2nd & 3rd) the total area of which is ​​320m2.

According to Greek legislation, HCS is authorised under Licence No. 3015/39/60/2667 –ε’ Ι.Ε.Π.Υ.Α (Private Company for Security Services).

Business scope:

Some of the services provided to third parties are:

  • Monitoring and / or protection of movable and / or immovable property and installations, static guarding and patrolling.
  • Protection of natural persons, escorts on foot and on vehicles
  • Purchase or lease of armoured vehicles, with or without staff. Safe transportation of money, securities, antiques, works of art and valuable objects with specially adapted, armoured vehicles.
  • Protection of shows, exhibitions, conferences, competitions, sports and other activities of public or private nature.
  • Guarding of crew, passengers, baggage, cargo, catering and shipping materials.
  • Imports, transfers, acquisition and possession of firearms (revolvers or pistols), with permission granted by the competent police authority according to ministerial decision 1016/109/121-IB (Government Gazette B 1510 / 23.07.2009).
  • Provision of security services by private armed guards on Greek-flagged merchant ships in accordance with Law no. 4058/2012 (Government Gazette 63/12).
  • Conducting safety evaluation studies of port facilities and ports, against potential risks.
  • Escorts for the safe movement of vehicles carrying heavy or bulky items, with special labelled vehicles.
  • Escorts of sports delegations, ensuring their safe transportation.
  • Conducting studies and implementation of measures to ensure the safety of the above mentioned activities.
  • Installation, maintenance and monitoring of machinery’s function, and security and alarm systems, apart from those installed in cars.
  • Installation, operation and utilisation of centres for reception and control of security systems, control and transmission of alarm signals, as well as conducting studies and designing security systems, fire systems etc.
  • Provision of geolocation services.
  • Provision of services for manufacturing iron and construction works ensuring the safety of the facilities and the buildings.
  • Provision of services for the installation of satellite systems.
  • Provision of cleaning services and cleaning of premises.
  • Organisation of artistic, cultural, sports and other social events both indoors and outdoors and provision of any kind of associated services.
  • Provision of document storage and management services, and destruction of documents, files, folders etc.
  • Imports, dealership, trade, distribution, installation and monitoring of all kinds of electronic and electric devices and protective equipment.
  • Imports, dealership, trade, distribution and leasing of fire vehicles, ambulances and special purpose vehicles.
  • Trade, supply, sale, installation and maintenance of: electronic alcohol screening devices (breathalyzers), car speed control radar devices, telecommunications equipment, stationary and portable measurement instruments, equipment and geolocation software, equipment and collection, transmission and processing of electrical signals and data software.
  • Provision of cleaning services for workplaces, buildings, ports, airports, rail facilities, parking lots, shopping centres, beaches, stadiums, public spaces, etc.
  • Provision of services for non-formal education and training at the company, but also anywhere in Greece and abroad, as well as establishment, organization and functioning of schools and workshops and spaces for this purpose.
  • Provision of services related to education and training, establishment, organization, operation and exploitation of schools, laboratories, centres for Lifelong Learning Level One and vocational training centres at the company, but also anywhere in Greece and abroad, on the specialties of the above mentioned activities.