Our mission is:

  • To ensure the highest possible level of safety and support of our employers.
  • To become our employers’ invaluable partners.
  • To recognize and reward the efforts of our partners and to care for their personal problems, while boosting their motivation and ensuring excellent job prospects in a healthy business environment with moral values.
  • To contribute in enhancing the quality of life for our local communities.

Our values:

What guides our company (H. C. S) is our values, by which we have abided with loyalty and dedication for so many years, next to our employers, who have honoured us with their trust· values ​​that determine the way we work every day and that lead us in our path to ultimate success.

Behaviour: We behave with unwavering integrity, and we honour our commitments.

Our objective: We passionately strive to be pioneers in our industry, and thereby maintain our competitive advantage.

Training: We are constantly trained and through this structured and continuous education and training, we are led to the top of our profession.

We believe in the abilities of our partners, we believe in a better tomorrow for all of us: We care for them, we invest in them by developing their skills while also providing a better quality of life for all of us.

We work as a team: Through the well organized and successful cooperation of the company’s security team members and our pioneering approaches, we achieve the goals we have envisioned.

Our objective is to gain through our excellent behaviour, our current knowledgeand proper application of safety principles, the trust of our employers: Our employers, who have honoured us and still honour us with their trust and have entrusted us with their safety, are at the core of everything we do.