From the land to the Seas

HCS has recently turned to the provision of private security in the maritime sector, providing integrated solutions that cover all the need of a Shipping business.

The Strategic Partnerships that we form with the best professionals in the industry, will wholly meet the security needs of any modern business.


Static Guarding Services with properly trained guards who are chosen scientifically with the help of a special psychologist for space surveillance. All security staff are trained in the early prevention of dangerous situations, but also in their direct management.

Guarding Services – Patrolling By Car or Motorcycle with special modern equipment. These mobile units monitor specific points in the respective surroundings near the target, timely identifying any indication of potential threat which is either in its preparation or in its final stage.

Organisation of security groups and company security measures, through the scientific selection of security guards, who provide basic and advanced training and monitor the implementation of appropriate measures in accordance with the training and the special characteristics of each space.

Education Services with the training required by the increasingly sophisticated needs of maritime safety and which are in accordance with the IMO standards, for example:

  • Awareness training for sailors on security issues
  • Safety training for sailors with designated security duties
  • Awareness training for port facilities personnel
  • Crisis management and human behaviour, safety of passengers, cargo, vessel
  • Dealing with crowds, passenger safety, and direct provision of services in the passengers’ areas.

Organisation of seminars with qualified top speakers, University professors and Security Managers of large Companies and Groups, so they can convey their knowledge and experience to the trainees, regarding the continuous and always changing new developments in dealing with terrorist or criminal threats.

Presentations to Executives on Risk Analysis, Threat Assessment and Risk Computation, depending on the respective environment.

Design, Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Security Systems. The Engineers of

HCS have extensive experience in ISPS and the high demands and peculiarities that arise in a technical installation of a ship or port. This, combined with their expertise in state-of-the-art security systems, makes them able to provide you with a comprehensive proposal for shielding your ship or any other installation. For solving any technical problems, security systems, you ensure that only one crew will be responsible for all your security systems.

HCS, is now a company that has integrated all the security needs of a modern enterprise – organization.

These days, any Maritime company is forced to have different partners to meet its security needs, where each partner is individually invited to take responsibility for a particular area. As a result, there is no direct collaboration between different companies and this situation is potentially harmful to the company.

HCS and its Partners are able to take on
and provide integrated services ensuring their
Quality, through the most acclaimed professionals,
who cooperate for this purpose.

New Services

  • Consulting Services and Security Management
  • Ship Security Teams in High Risk areas
  • Security Escort Services in High Risk areas
  • Provision of services to passenger ships and cruise ships
  • Provision of services to private and commercial yachts
  • Electronic safety & security services
  • Voyage Risk Assessment (Ship – Crew – Executives)
  • Information Services for High Risk areas
  • Protection of Port Facilities
  • Provision of security equipment to ships, port facilities and organizations
  • Training on Maritime Safety